Sex Position Pillow for Couples 33.8″x8.6″

$39.99 $19.89

  • Sex position pillow is helpful for male orgasm and comfortable for female partner.will let you feel more stimulation in your sex life
  • Sex position pillow lifts hips into proper can enjoy the benefits of deeper thrusts and harder orgasms with this simple but effective sexual aid
  • Sex position pillow,you can play it with different sex position as you want.perfect sex furniture for you
  • Sex position pillow has been scientifically engineered to ensure maximum penetration for anybody adventurous enough to try this sex toy
  • Sex position pillow will reduce the burden of weight when making love,it’s easy to reach g spot and insert deeply .regardless of lying down or bowing,sex pillow can bring unspeakable pleasure,let you get climax easily